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Tastiest Cat Food Natural
Written by Fay P.

Natural food is key to making the right choice on what to feed your special kitty. We try to keep it simple here at PetBytes and stick to the natural side of things, after all, your cat is the best, they need to eat the best!

1. Meowing Heads, Natural food

Meowing Heads

Meowing Heads aims to keep it natural, as a result of this their food super tasty. It’s all about making sure your feline friend is in tip top shape, keeping the ingredients to a minimum, which helps with their digestion. Meowing Heads is definitely one to consider for your cat!

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2. Wellbeing Skin and Coat Grain Free

Wellbeing Skin and Coat

Burgess’s Grain Free, skin and coat, uses British chicken to make it a top quality product. Giving your cat’s coat a glossy shine and hairball control. Your cat’s skin should also improve, enriched with Linseed and Biotin. Finally, a dental defence that reduces plaque and tartar, what’s not to like!

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3. Felix As Good as it looks mixed jelly pouches

Felix - Looks as good as it looks

Felix knows cats, decades of perfecting recipes has led us to the mixed jelly pouches. Having received amazing feedback from customers the world over, this is a top contender for any pet parent. Each pouch comes packed with juicy jelly, making it an irresistible option.

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4. Lily’s Kitchen Natural Wet Cat Food

lilys kitchen cat

Peal off the foil tab and watch with delight as your cat enjoys her meal. Lily’s Kitchen seem to really care about the food they make, making sure it’s always natural and without chemicals or additives. This handy 32 pack will keep your puss guessing with these utterly irresistible meals.


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5. Almo Nature Holistic Dry Cat with Fresh Chicken and Rice

Almo Nature

A real health pump for your cat, Almo’s all natural. That means no artificial preservatives, attractants or colouring agents. Great news for your cat! Comes with a easy, convenient, seal-top bag. Being chicken and rice it has a lower iodine content, helping to avoid thyroid problems, purrfect for older cats. On top of all that the nutritional side is well balanced, so a top product all round.

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6. Thrive PremiumPlus No Nonsense

Thrive Premium Plus

We’re a big fan here of Thrive’s PremiumPlus, it has a hefty 90% Chicken included. Also benefits from being grain, wheat and gluten free. It has a re-closable bag which helps keep freshness, keeping your cat coming back for more. A top performer here at PetBytes and our flavour of the month!

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7. Purina ProPlan

Pro Plan

Purina focuses on the older cat. A proven formula to help improve your cats chance of longevity. Helping to support key functions like the immune, renal and digestive system. We love the advancements made in Purina’s products line. Any company that cares about the health of your kitty should be one to consider.

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8. Orijen Cat Food Regional Red


When your cat food contains ranch-raised Black Angus beef, wild boar, lamb, heritage pork & bison, you know it’s a premium product. Orijen pride themselves on using only the finest ingredients to keep your kitty coming back for more. This biologically appropriate cat food is an award winner for a reason.

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9. Applaws Cat Dry Adult Chicken


This 100% Grain Free cat food is going to help create one lean kitty. No artificial preservatives or additives and always 100% natural. These cat aficionados definitely need a round of applaws, they have us sold.

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10. Natures Menu

natures cat food

Natures Menu pride themselves on producing human grade meat. Made with 70% real meat, ethnically sourced ingredients definitely ticks all the boxes as far as we’re concerned. A top choice for any pet owner.

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