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Pet Monitors
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Your loyal, smart and occasionally cheeky pet, is already a valuable member of your family. The problem is, you can’t always be with your pet(s). This is where pet monitors come in, they offer a great way to stay in touch with your pride and joy. Being able to track movements, dispense treats and communicate, we think pet monitors are an absolute must in the connected age.

1. Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, HD Wifi Pet Camera

Furbo Image

The Furbo Dog camera is one luxurious treat for your pet. The Furbo Cam has lots of tricks under it’s sleeve. Including remote treat tossing to keep your pet loyal, HD Camera with night vision and a  two way chat and barking alert, with push notifications. The guys at PetBytes all agree, the Furbo is one cool gadget.

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2. Feed and Go: Smart Pet Feeder With WEBCAM & WI-FI Built In


The Feed and Go: Smart Pet Feeder is great! As you can control it from anywhere, with any Computer/Tablet/Smartphone. You can dispense either dry or wet food, schedule meal times, so overfeeding doesn’t happen and make sure your pride and joy receives it’s medication.

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3. Petcube Play, Play and exercise your pets

Pet cube Monitor

Watch your pet’s antics in glorious 1080p crystal clear display. Get your pet off the sofa and interacting with the LED spot light and praise them with the 2-way audio. Also, this works brilliantly in night display, so, if your out and about and fancy checking on your favourite bundle of joy, this camera could be exactly what you were looking for.

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4. Petzi Treat Cam: Wi-Fi Pet Camera & Treat Dispenser


This Treat Cam is considered by most as the Rolls-Royce of the pet monitor world. Petzi’s focus is all about making a remote treat dispenser that’s a revolution.  A seriously fun gadget, making it simple to connect with your pet from anywhere, anytime.

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5. Motorola Scout 85 Connect HD

Scout pet cam

The Scout, from Motorola is a bit of a stalwart in the pet monitor scene. Originally released in January 2015, it has been a barking success. With features including; remote HD video streaming, motorised 300 degree span, Two-way audio communication, infrared night vision recording and even motion alerts. This is one feature-packed monitor.

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6. MAISI 720P Mega-Pixel HD Mini Wi-Fi Network IP Camera

Maisi Hi Def Camera

The Maisi Smart link is a PetBytes favourite, we love it’s sleek and modern design. A lot of feedback we’ve seen is the ease of set up. Also, benefitting from a competitive price tag, puts this monitor firmly at the top of  most peoples wish list.

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7. IP Camera, Wireless Security Camera HD

Dog Shaped Camera

Cute comes to mind with this IP Camera from Yooan. Utilising full HD video and noise reduction technology, combined with a built in IR-LEDs for night vision. The camera benefits from great support whether using a mobile, tablet and PC. Yooan have really thought about compatibility which breeds confidence and becomes another top product.

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8. Unimall Wireless Automatic Pet Feeder, Cam

Smonet Feeder

Unimall have taken their time with this wireless automatic Feeder and Camera, and it shows. Record anytime, take snapshots of your loyal pet’s shenanigans. Where Unimall really comes into it’s own is less the camera and more the feeder. Dispense up to four meals a day, ensuring your beloved furball never goes hungry!

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9. ieGeek 720P HD WiFi IP Cam

IE Geek

ieGeek is the best seller and for good reason, they seemed to of cracked the monitor market with this awesome offering. The camera comes cram packed, starting with a 1080p HD resolution, motion detection, even a remarkable full room view, you can see why it’s a big seller and garners a loyal following.

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10. FREDI HD 1080P Wireless Camera

Fredi Camera Panda

The FREDI, is one funky looking camera, with mass cool appeal we might well be sold on this wide angle IP camera. FREDI are serious about after sales, offering a 90 days return and free 12 month warranty. They obviously take their customer care seriously. Be on top of your home,  benefitting from immediate push images direct to your handset. The FREDI Wireless camera is one serious contender and who doesn’t love a panda!

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