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Awesome Pet Fitness Gadgets – Top Ten (2018)

Pet Fitness Gadgets
Written by Emmy M

Staying motivated can be tough, whether your pet is big, small, young or old, our fur-balls need a lot of exercise. Keeping healthy can be time consuming, whether it’s tracking, playing or exploring we’ve got you covered.

We’ve found ten awesome pieces of exercise equipment that will get your pet into tip top shape.


1. PitPat – Dog Activity Monitor

Pit pat

Know exactly the stats your dog has and aim to improve your pup’s health. Learn about your dog’s calorie usage and set goals for improved fitness. If your dog is fit then most likely, healthy, which is good on your pocket. The PitPat is super lightweight, so won’t cause irritation and it’s even waterproof, good for those soggy walking days. We think this is one for the cart.

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2.FitBark Dog Activity Monitor

Fit Bark app

Like the PitPat, FitBark is an activity monitor for dogs. The FitBark is slightly different as you can link your FitBit with the FitBark, meaning you can track both yourself and your pooch. It’s all about becoming fitter and healthier on both ends of the leash and with a growing community sharing unprecedented knowledge the FitBark could be just the gadget for you!

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3. Wooden Exercise Wheel

Hamster Wheel

It’s not just about our furry and feline friends at PetBytes, we love all animals! This Wooden Exercise Wheel for Hamsters is a really nice piece of kit. What makes it especially appealing is the smooth and quiet motion. The smooth motion will also help your hamster, not putting too much stress on joints. Also equipped with a solid running base, sit back and enjoy their little nails trip trapping along.

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4. Pet Dog Toy Ball, Nature Rubber Bouncy Toy

Toy Ball

We love this chewable bouncy ball with feeder. Always easier to exercise when your having fun, created with natural rubber, no unnecessary toxins. Also comes in various colours to suit your dog’s personality. A simple and effective gadget.

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5. Automatic Rolling Ball – Light Interactive Entertainment

Magic LED Ball

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6. Automatic Rotating Light Interactive Toy Entertainment

Rotating Laser Light

Keep your cat happy and moving with this rotating laser gadget.  The toy has 3 different settings (slow, fast and random) and the laser works really well and very bright which is lacking in similar products. We were also impressed with the way it was packaged. Overall, we are very impressed with how this item performs, and so will your Cat!

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7. Living World Exercise Ball for Hamsters

Hamster Exercise

It’s HAMSTER TIME! This exercise balls by Living world has been a huge success. Keeping them healthy and letting them explore the world in a safe environment, your hamster is going to love the freedom! A well made product, if you have a hamster in your life then this gadget is a must!

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8. The Dog’s Balls

The Dogs Balls

Simply put the Dog’s Balls are the best balls for any Dog owner. Coupled with the right bounce and chew-ability and choice of different colours are a clear winner. Consider these balls part of your basics collection, like owning a white t-shirt or a black dress but for your dog!

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9. TAILMATE with 3 Spacious Tunnels

Tail Mate

A cleverly designed cat tunnel to keep your kitty exploring (and probably your kids). Made to be tough and durable, we think it’s purr-fect!

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10. KONG Wobbler

The KONG Wobbler is THE classic dog gadget, recommended by veterinarians and trainers worldwide.  Created with a simple and effective design, this mentally stimulating toy offers enrichment, by helping to satisfy the dogs instinctive need. A great gadget for playing fetch with an unpredictable bounce, available in various sizes. The feeder can be filled with tasty treats which can even be frozen to extend play!

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