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Hypoallergenic Dogs

Written by Rich

In the UK and across the globe, Hypoallergenic Dogs (Non-shedding) are more popular than ever. Many people who suffer with allergens have been put off owning a dog.

Hypoallergenic Dogs though don’t come cheap, some non-shedding wonders costing into thousands of pounds. It’s not just people with allergies searching for Hypoallergenic Dogs. Hypoallergenic Dogs offer huge mass appeal for potential dog owners looking for an easier deal, no shedding has become a huge draw.

Dog shedding is a big problem for many pet owners, it’s easy to see why the trend is now firmly in the Hypoallergenic court.

Below is our favoured list of the best Hypoallergenic Dogs. Our hope is that you put the lint roller away for good.

1.  Toy Poodle

Toy Poodle

Wait! Are you thinking a Toy Poodle is a little bit too sissy? Well you’re wrong, Toy Poodles are the miniature athletes of the dog kingdom. The Lionel Messi’s, skilful, agile, easily able to breeze through obstacles and excels in advanced obedience training.

Poodles are awesome when it comes to shedding, in fact they are the most Hypoallergenic of all the dog breeds that are coated.

If a clever and non-shedding pooch is what you’re after then look no further, the Toy Poodle is for you. One thing you should consider though, if you have small children, you may need to continue reading, as some Toy Poodle’s are flustered by a toddlers sometimes boisterous behaviour.

Want to know more about the Toy Poodle check out this link from Wikipedia


2. Cairn Terrier

Cairn Terrier

The Cairn Terrier has the making of one cheeky chappy.

They may be cheeky but the Cairn Terrier has a reputation of being a courageous pooch. Originally developed from the Isle of Skye in Scotland, the Cairn Terrier is our number two choice for Hypoallergenic Dogs.

If the Toy Poodle wasn’t up to the task of handling boisterous kids, then the Cairn Terrier certainly is. This Non-Shedding canine is loved the world over by adults and kids alike. Did you know, the Cairn Terrier even has some famous roots, starring in the Wizard of Oz, remember Toto?

Cairn Terrier’s are known to thrive in an active household and aren’t the best choice if they are left on their own most days. The wonderfully friendly dog could breed joy into any family. A strong contender for anyone looking for a non-shedding dog.


3. Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzer

Next on the list is a big dog, a GIANT. The Giant Schnauzer is one of the biggest Non-shedding Canines measuring a mighty 70cm and weighing a whopping 48kg. The friendly Giant was originally bred to be a working dog. These wise looking dogs need a strong owner to keep them in line with lots of walking. Good news is the wiry coat equals you guessed it, no shedding.

On the lookout for a big dog without the mountains of hair to pick up? The Giant Schnauzer good be a perfect fit. Please make sure you can handle a few important points highlighted below, when considering owning a Giant Schnauzer:

  • Energetic, jumping and very rowdy
  • Very strong willed, benefits from a strong owner
  • Regular maintenance of the wiry coat
  • Known to become destructive when bored
  • Need high quality Dog Food


4. Cockapoo


Everyone loves a Cockapoo! Just look at that face, it’s easy to see why these dogs are super popular. Not only are they unbelievably cute they score highly in the non-shedding department.

The Cockapoo is actually a close relative to the poodle, being half poodle and half Cocker Spaniel.

Characteristics of the Cockapoo that have helped them become a firm family favourite are:

  • Your home won’t smell like dog, almost odourless
  • They Love and thrive on exercise
  • Easy on the wallet, not too many known issues
  • They’re so Fluffy I’m Gonna DIE!!! Super Adorable!
  • Friendly – that’s the spaniels side
  • Very intelligent – the poodle side

You can’t really go wrong with a Cockapoo, odourless, hypoallergenic, friendly, intelligent and did I mention they’re sooo fluffy!


5. Border Terrier

Border Terrier

A hunting dog at heart, the Border Terrier has become a good choice for the Allergy suffering owner.

The Border Terrier is probably the most energetic on our list. Renowned for being out with the horse all day hunting and being fresh and ready next day.

Hardy and intelligent breed that loves nothing more than being exercised and mentally challenged. In the market for a loving and rewarding dog, the Border Terrier is certainly for you.

The pros and cons of owning a Border Terrier:


  • Small, great for apartments
  • Very confident, no shrinking violets with this dog
  • A loving and friendly companion
  • Intelligent, great alarm dogs


  • Suffer from small dog syndrome
  • Needs an energetic owner
  • Lots of socialisation needed
  • Coat needs to be professionally stripped a couple times a year


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