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German Shepherd Baron is a super power dog. In this video he displays his amazing talents under those trusty paws.

Baron the German Shepherd is all to happy to help with chores around the house. From cleaning the floors, putting the toys away to even (men, take note) loading up the dishwasher.

Beautiful German Shepherd Baron has even been trained in personal protection, keeping the family safe from potential threats.

Thinking of getting your very own German Shepherd, here are a few things to consider before embarking on a potentially challenging but very rewarding companion:


  • Extremely Loyal and protective
  • Great with Children, striking up a strong bond instantly
  • Highly intelligent and very versatile
  • Beautiful looking dogs from puppies to fully grown
  • Only need to be bathed once every few months


  • BIG dogs that require lots of exercise
  • Have a tendency to be aggressive if not trained properly
  • Prone to genetic diseases, potentially high vet bills
  • Need to be loved and NOT left on their own all day
  • Take up a lot of your time to truly appreciate

A top canine breed is always going to be near the top on most dog lovers list. Their energy, intelligence protective nature are hard to beat.

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