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DON’T TOUCH pugs new toy!

Whatever you do…DON’T TOUCH this Pug’s new toy!

Pugs have a reputation for being very wilful and Maggie is no exception to the rule.

We’ve all had that moment, when you get that shiny new toy you’ve been waiting ages for, then someone else comes along and tries to play with it.

Well this Pugs new toy is definitely not for sharing!

Thinking of getting your very own Pug, here are a few things to consider before signing up to this often mischievous and cheeky pooch:


  • One of the best dogs for apartment living
  • Super friendly dog, with a loveable face
  • Pugs are extremely playful, great for kids
  • Very happy and affectionate
  • Boost your social media following
  • A very intelligent Dog


  • Shedding is a real problem, which is surprising given their short coat
  • Slobbering is a real problem, if you don’t like a drooler then avoid
  • Have been poorly bred over the years and have numerous health issues
  • Training can be problematic due to their very wilful nature
  • Doesn’t do well in cold climates and prefer to stay indoors

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