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The amazing and clever Yorkshire Terrier

Misa Minnie is the most amazing little dog I think we’ve ever seen. You won’t believe just how smart this Yorkshire Terrier is.

Misa Minnie seems to have an endless amount of amazing tricks under her very skilful paws. We are very impressed what this super Yorkie can accomplish. It’s no wonder Terrier’s have a high popularity in the ownership ranking charts.

Some of her amazing tricks include:

  • Hitching a ride in her red wagon
  • Weaving through the agility course with like a pro
  • Stealth crawl on demand, very cool
  • Cruising in her drop-top Mini Convertible, when the suns out – Minnie’s out
  • Becoming the next Vincent Van Pooch, hopefully no ear dramas
  • …And many more

This adorable Yorkie lives up to the breed’s reputation of being very intelligent and willing to learn new skills.

Sit back, relax and let this top pooch bring happiness to your day!

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